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Rawlins Community FM Radio
By the Members of the Community, For the Community Benefit

The FCC requires that the Low Power FM Broadcast Station be registered under a non-profit corporation.

Radio Station: Let's Talk Rawlins, Inc.
Wyoming Secretary of State I.D.  2023-001367190 (NCORP)
       (A Wyoming Non-Profit Corporation)
     (IRS Section 501(c)(4) Tax-exempt Organization)

Support: Let's Talk Rawlins Fund, Inc.
(in process)
Wyoming Secretary of State I.D.
       (A Wyoming Non-Profit Corporation)
     (IRS Section 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt Organization)

Let's Talk Rawlins KRAW-LP 97.9 FM Radio
Broadcasting Studio and Transmitter Station
POB 864
816 West Spruce Street. Suite 2
Rawlins, Wyoming 82301
Website: https://www.letstalkrawlins.com
eMail: contact@letstalkrawlins.com
Office Line:
Call-In Line:
Conference Line:

We have received our Low Power FM Transmitter Construction Permit and Call Letters.

File Number: 0000232204 - Facility 788236
Issued 15 February, 2024
Station Class LP100 (100 Watt Radiated Power)
Channel 250
Frequency 97.9 mHz
Call Letters: KRAW-LP

Transmitter/Antenna Location:
Latitude: 41-47-21.1 N
Longitude: 107-14-43.7 W

Studio Location:
816 West Spruce Street, Suite 2
Rawlins, Wyoming 82301


We are conditionally allowed to transmit/operate during the construction permit period.
Construction and Test Permit Duration: 36 months.
Assigned Call letters are KRAW-LP assigned. (We held a community contest to select the call-letters.)
We will apply for the Station Operating License at the approval of technical Construction.

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Let's Talk!
Call-In Talk Line: (To be determined)
Office: 307-710-0979
POB 684
Rawlins, Wyoming 82301

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